About Substation Enterprises

Substation Enterprises is an electrical substation packaging company that supplies substation materials and steel structures to the utility industry. Our customers are rural electric cooperatives, city municipal utilities, investor owned utilities, contractors and industrial clients. We design and supply substation projects from 15 kV to 500 kV. We can supply a package from as little as a One Line diagram to a fully designed and specified job. We have supplied substation packages across the country from Maine to Washington. Our substation packages are located in 36 states at nearly 500 hundred different end users’ facilities. Structures can be manufactured as galvanized steel or aluminum using either beams, tubes, or lattice.

Our strengths are experience and service.

Substation Enterprises was started by Larry Ware and Kurt Edwards in 2001. Larry and Kurt combined have over 50 years of experience in substation packaging.  As a team, we have combined substation packaging experience of well over 130 years.

Before working in the packaging business, Larry worked for six years for an electric cooperative where he designed and constructed many substation and transmission projects. Working in the field gave him a unique perspective of the customer’s needs.

Kurt is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers committee to revise the ASCE 113 Substation Structure Design Guide.  His years of substation structure design experience give him an in-depth understanding of the structural requirements of a substation.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle our customers’ needs proficiently. Our staff consists of professional engineers in both electrical and mechanical disciplines as well as project designers.  Our engineers have Professional Engineer licenses in numerous states.